Andrew Jackson
7th President of the United States

(1829 - 1837)
Vice President: John C. Calhoun, Martin Van Buren

President: Andrew Jackson

Wife: Rachel Donelson Robards (1767-1828), in August 1791 and in a second ceremony on January 17, 1794

Kids: Andrew Jackson, Jr. (adopted)

Pets: horses named Truxton, Sam Patches, Emily, Lady Nashville, and Bolivia; Pol the parrot; ponies

Bio: Andrew Jackson, (1767-1845) was the 7th President Of The United States. Born at a settlement on the banks of Waxhaw Creek in South Carolina on March 15, 1767, he was the son of immigrant parents from northern Ireland. Jackson’s childhood was filled with tragedy. His father died a few days before Andrew's birth. And he lost his mother and two brothers to illness throughout the next several years. At the age of 13, during the American Revolution, he served as a mounted courier. After the war, he became a lawyer at the age of 20. In 1791, he married Rachel Donelson Robards, the daughter of his landlady.

He went on to become the major general of the Tennessee militia. His command saw little action in the War of 1812 until the Battle of New Orleans he led his troops to an overwhelming victory against the British. American casualties were 6 killed and 10 wounded, while the enemy suffered almost 2,000 dead and injured. Jackson’s popularity soared overnight, and "Old Hickory," as they called him was considered a hero. He retired from the military and re-entered politics in 1824 when he ran for president.

This was a highly controversial election and was similar to the Gore/Bush recount fiasco. Jackson received more electoral votes than Adams, but not a majority, which sent it to the House of Representatives for a vote. They elected Adams! Jackson was very angry and claimed corruption. In November 1828, however, Jackson enjoyed a decisive victory over Adams. Two months later, he moved into the White House, but without his beloved wife, who had died in December. He then served a second term beginning in 1832. He was successful in foreign and domestic affairs, with many accomplishments in settling disputes with the British, and moving toward the annexation of Texas.

Jackson retired to his estate at Hermitage and died on June 8, 1845, where he was buried beside Rachel.

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