Warren Harding
29th President of the United States

(1921 - 1923)
Vice President: Calvin Coolidge
President Harding with the missis; their bond was power, not love.  

Florence Harding had a dominating personality and great ambitions for her husband. She helped persuade Harding to run for the Senate and then the presidency.


President: Warren Harding

Wife: Florence Kling De Wolfe (1860-1924), on July 8, 1891

Kids: Elizabeth Ann Christian (illegitimate child by Nan Britton) (1919- )

Pets: an Airedale; Old Boy, a bulldog; canaries

Bio: Warren Gamaliel Harding, (1865-1923), was the 29th President Of The United States. He was born on Nov. 2, 1865, in the tiny town of Blooming Grove, Ohio. At the age of 14 he entered Ohio Central College in Iberia. After two years he graduated with the degree of bachelor of science. For several years he jumped from job to job, trying to find his true career. In November 1884 he raised $300 to acquire a small daily newspaper. Within five years the Star had become the most important paper in Marion county.

Although he suffered from ongoing nervous breakdowns, he married the divorced Florence Kling DeWolfe in 1891. He was quite unhappy in the marriage and carried on several affairs. He and one of his mistresses had an illegitimate child in 1919.

Harding was elected as a Republican to the state Senate in 1899. After his six years in the Senate, Harding was nominated on the 10th ballot and Calvin Coolidge was selected as his running mate. Harding then waged a "front porch" campaign in imitation of William McKinley, and won the election.

He worked towards a lowering of taxes and repeal of the wartime excess profits tax, a reduction of railroad rates and the promotion of agricultural interests, a national budget system, a great merchant marine, and a department of public welfare. But he was generally ineffective at convincing Congress to cooperate.

Under Harding's administration, things became lax and chaotic. In June 1923 he set out on a "Voyage of Understanding" that took him to the west coast and as far as Alaska. Already suffering from a heart condition, he collapsed on his way back and died suddenly of a thrombosis, in San Francisco, on Aug. 2, 1923, after having served only 2 years in office.

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