Chester A. Arthur
21st President of the United States

(1881 - 1885)
Vice President: None

Chester Alan Arthur's youngest sister, Mary Arthur McElroy, was his White House hostess.

Ellen Herndon Arthur died the year before her husband became President


President: Chester A. Arthur

Wife: Ellen Lewis Herndon (1837-1880), on October 25, 1859

Kids: William Lewis Herndon Arthur (1860-63); Chester Alan Arthur (1864-1937); Ellen Herndon Arthur (1871-1915)

Pets: no pets

Bio: Chester Alan Arthur, (1829-1886), 21st President Of The United States was born in North Fairfield, Vermont, on Oct. 5, 1829, His father had emigrated from Ireland and his mother was a descendant of English settlers in New Hampshire. Arthur entered Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., at the age of 15. After his graduation in 1848, he received his final training at a law office in New York City. Admitted to the bar in 1854, he formed his own law firm in 1856. On Oct. 25, 1859, he married Ellen Lewis Herndon, and the couple had three children, one of whom died in childhood.

Arthur ran as vice-president on the Garfield ticket, not knowing that he would be president in less than a year. Arthur took the oath on September 20, the day after Garfield died. Arthur gave the country an honest administration. His legislative program was moderate; he asked for tariff revision, for a reduction of excise taxes, for funds to rebuild the obsolete Navy, and for the creation of an up-to-date merchant marine.

He also vetoed a Chinese exclusion bill barring Chinese nationals from admission as immigrants to the United States, although that was overridden in Congress. Another law passed during his administration was the Anti-Polygamy Act, aimed at the Mormons in Utah.

Although his popularity among the people soared near the end of his term, Arthur was not nominated by his party for the next election. He returned to his New York law practice. A year and a half later, on Nov. 18, 1886, he died in New York City of Bright's disease.

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