Millard Fillmore
13th President of the United States

(1850 - 1853)
Vice President: None

President: Millard Fillmore

Wife: Abigail Powers (1798-1853), on February 5, 1826; Caroline Carmichael McIntosh (1813-1881), on February 10, 1858

Kids: Millard Powers Fillmore (1828-89); Mary Abigail Fillmore (1832-54)

Pets: no pets

Bio: Millard Fillmore, (1800-1874), was the 13th President Of The United States. Born in a frontier cabin in Cayuga county, New York, on Jan. 7, 1800, he was the second child and the first of five sons. Because the family was extremely poor, he was almost entirely self-educated. His father apprenticed him out to a mill, yet desperate for an education, Millard found a way to enroll in an academy at New Hope, N. Y., where he met his future wife, Abigail Power. Soon, he obtained a clerkship in the office of a Montville, N. Y. judge, where he began the study of law.

After being admitted to the bar in 1823, he set up a law office near Buffalo, and on Feb. 5, 1826, married Miss Powers. In 1830, the Fillmores moved to Buffalo, where his popularity won him an election to Congress, holding office for three consecutive terms.

In 1848, Fillmore was elected vice president, and when Taylor died in office, he was elevated to President, where he helped pass a stringent fugitive slave law and worked toward stronger states' rights. Although he ran for President in 1852 and had strong Southern support, he lost the election. Unlike previous presidents, Fillmore attempted further political campaigns. He joined the oddly named "Know-Nothing party," and ran again in 1856, but did horribly in the election.

He moved on to become the first chancellor of the University of Buffalo, serving in an honorary capacity from 1846 until his death. He also was a founder of the Buffalo General Hospital and a founder and the first president of the Buffalo Historical Society.

After two consecutive strokes, Fillmore died on March 8, 1874.

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