»  Dog killer caged for attack on gran's pet (Posted: September 05, 2006 )

DOG killer Christopher Munns has been locked up for four months for battering his grandmother's dog with a spiked piece of wood.

Munns, 18, was also banned from keeping animals for 10 years for a 'deliberate and sustained' attack which left the Jack Russell terrier with eight broken ribs, punctured lungs and a ruptured liver.

He launched the attack after the dog nipped him on the finger.

Mildenhall Magistrates' Court heard the attack on the dog happened just 11 days after Munns had appeared at another court for a public order offence involving violence, for which he was given a conditional discharge.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Mark Thompson, who investigated the attack on the dog, welcomed the sentence, which will be served at a young offenders' institution.

He said: 'The magistrates have clearly sent a message that this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

'He gave the dog such a continued beating it would have had a long, slow death.'

Munns threw the dog's body at his grandmother, Charlotte James, when she returned home.

Presiding magistrate Susan Feary told Munns: 'You have shown scant remorse for the death of this animal.

'We feel this offence is so serious there is no option other than custody.'

Munns had been staying with his grandparents at their smallholding at Sedge Fen, Lakenheath, for six months when the attack happened on the night of March 20, while they were out.

He told Chief Insp Thompson the dog, called Floss, had bitten him on the arm earlier in the day and then nipped his finger, drawing blood.

Munns told the RSPCA officer: 'I just got really mad with it.'

He grabbed a 2ft long piece of wood with screws protruding from it and hit the dog a number of times.

Sara Young, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: 'The society says you can't get any worse than an animal being beaten to death with a piece of wood.'

Claire Lockwood, mitigating, appealed for Munns to be given a suspended sentence combined with a community penalty.

She said: 'He realises what he did was not proportionate and he accepts that he lost his temper.'

Miss Lockwood said Munns had lost his job at a garden centre after reports about the case appeared in local newspapers.

She said he had sought help for anger management.

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