»  Global Pet Finder is something you should invest in (Posted: September 06, 2006 )

If Buster likes to run away fairly often, perhaps a GPS device for pets like the Global Pet Finder is something you should invest in. After fastening it to your dog's collar, you can go onto their website and define a safe area in which your dog can roam freely without triggering an alert. If your dog leaves the safe area, you will be immediately notified via cell or computer and continue to receive his coordinates as he moves around. At $349 for the device plus a $17.99-$19.98 monthly subscription plan, the Global Pet Finder is far from cheap, but it's hard to place a price on your peace of mind.

We've written about the PetsCell by PetsMobility before, it's a GPS device for a dog's collar that also doubles as a speakerphone, allowing numbers that you select to call into the PetsCell and talk to your dog. Announced in late 2004, the PetsMobility website says it's coming out early 2006, price TBA. Real product or vaporware? We sent an email in to ask for a test unit, we'll let you know what happens.

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