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North Palm Beach County pet personals: Cool Breeze a refreshing companion waiting for a family

Lauren Dadario
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September 10, 2006
Shadow is a male, Labrador retriever mix who was returned to Safe Harbor because he was too much trouble.

Found wandering in Jupiter last February, an outdoor tie rope still dragging behind him, Shadow was first brought to Safe Harbor by a kind passerby. He was adopted in March and was returned last month.

About 7 years old, Shadow is gentle, sweet-natured and well-behaved. There doesn't seem to be any real reason why he was returned, and I can't understand how anyone can look into his big brown eyes and still give him up. But someone has. Back in a cage, Shadow stands quietly and watches each stranger that walks by, as if that person might have the answer to why he is again alone and locked up.

It was raining the day I met Shadow. When Adoption Staff Member Georgina Miller brought him outside for me to take pictures, his tail went down and he appeared frightened although Georgina was careful to keep him under the roof overhang.

It made me wonder about the amount of time Shadow spent tied up outdoors before he broke loose last February whether he has memories of being left out in the rain.

But while he was clearly unhappy about being so near the downpour, Shadow stood with us quietly, letting me pet his silky head and soft cheeks. It was as if he knew I needed a Labrador retriever fix.

Shadow gets along well with other dogs and cats. He would be a great family dog, and because he is older, would be a wonderful companion for an older person as well. He is big, and stocky, but I never saw him pull on his leash.

Come and visit Shadow. Take him out for a walk to see how nicely he behaves, and sit with him for a while on a bench. Look at the hope that still lingers in Shadow's eyes, and then take him home.

And tell him that this time, he can stay forever.

A special note of thanks to the woman who, after reading my last column, took Gucci and Farrah home in anticipation of Tropical Storm Ernesto's arrival. They haven't been returned, and I can only hope that the two cats and this kind lady have found a place in other's hearts and will stay together.

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary and Hospital is in located in Seagrape Square, at 185 E. Indiantown Road, Jupiter. Call 747-1598, ext. 4, for more information.

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