»  Paris Bitten By Illegal Exotic Pet (Posted: August 15, 2006 )

In what I can only describe as weird news, Paris Hilton was unscathed by a recent encounter with an exotic pet, and no I'm no referring to any of her boyfriends. Her pet kinkajou (a racoonish sort of creature) bit the heiress during a very late night romp, but despite the animal's potentially harmful saliva, Paris escaped without even a small infectious reaction.

According to Yahoo! News, Paris called her publicist Elliot Mintz at 3 o'clock in the morning (I don't think the guy doesn't get paid enough) to take her to the hospital after receiving a superficial wound from the little beastie which she named 'Baby Luv' (anyone else having flashbacks to Elmira from Tiny Toons?). She was given a tetanus shot and released.

Apparently Paris was fine and went back to 'work' the next day. 'Working' meaning having her picture taken for magazine covers and promoting her upcoming musical release, an album Yahoo dubiously referred to as 'highly anticipated'. That's all well and good, but can we get back to the real issue here? The kinkajou!

According to E! Online, kinkajous are illegal for average people. She was warned last year after acquiring Baby Luv in Las Vegas to send the creature to a more suitable home, something she obviously hasn't done. If she's going to dabble in illegal pets and manage to get herself bit by one of them, I would hope for some kind of recourse, either from authorities or the dangerous bacteria in Baby Luv's spit. So far it seems neither is expected.

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