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Bow-Lingual® Dog Translator
Dog owners are convinced their dogs talk to them, right? It's true! And now Bow-Lingual, The Dog Translator can help you understand exactly what your "best friend" is trying to communicate. Bow-Lingual was developed by Dr. Norio Kogure, a PhD in veterinary medicine at Tokyo's Kogue Animal Hospital.
Working with leading scientists at the Japan Acoustic Laboratory, Dr. Kogure recorded hundreds of breeds and analyzed thousands of voice (bark) prints. Their intensive observations and analysis led them to categorize canine communication into six emotions ? Happy, Sad, Frustrated, Needy, Angry and Assertive ? and to create the first Animal Emotion Analysis System (AEAS), which is the sophisticated technology behind Bow-Lingual.
To get started, select your dog's breed from 84 in memory; for mutts, pick the closest size and muzzle shape. Attach the mic/transmitter to your dog's collar; it will then pick up and transmit barks to the wireless receiver. Barks are digitized into voice prints and instantly matched against thousands of prerecorded prints in Bow-Lingual's database. One of the six emotions is determined and displayed (with a face icon), along with one of 200 appropriate English expressions such as, "Play with me!" or "I feel sad." It's fun!
The receiver is 6" x 2 3/4" x 1" (runs on 4 AAA); the mic/transmitter is 3" x 1" (runs on 1 AAA). All batteries included. One-year warranty. Colors have distinct frequencies, for use of two in one home: Select blue or red.

Product Code:  Red4N2834
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