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Vitamins & Supplements: Farnam/Adams:

Nutra-Sure Antioxidant Nutra-Sure Calmative
Nutra-Sure Antioxidant
Antioxidants protect key cell components from damage by neutralizing the free radicals. Antioxidants that occur naturally in the body or are consumed through the diet may block most of the damage. Lycopene plays an important part in the natural mechanism that protects the organism from the damaging effect of free radicals.
Dosage: Under 33 lbs 1 Tablet 33-66 lbs 2 Tablets Over 66 lbs 3 Tablets Feed as a treat or crumble into food.
Nutra-Sure's Calmative with Valerian Root eases your dog's stress & anxiety naturally. Dogs will love the chewable, tasty "treats". Valerian is a natural, herbal relaxant helpful during times of stress, anxiety, tension, and over-excitability.
Dosage: Under 20 lbs ˝ Tablet 20 - 40 lbs 1 Tablets 40 - 60 lbs 1 ˝ Tablets Over 60 lbs 2 Tablets Feed ˝ hour before a known stressful situation.

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Nutra-Sure Fat Absorber with Chitosan Nutra-Sure Glucosamine for Large Dogs
Contains the natural fiber, Chitosan that binds dietary fat before it is absorbed by the body. Active Ingredient: Chitosan: An all-natural fiber, found in the exo-skeletons of crabs and other shellfish. Chitosan attaches to dietary fat in the stomach before it is metabolized. Dietary fat is "trapped" and cannot be absorbed in the digestive tract.
Dosage: 1 tablet per 25 lbs daily, ˝ hour before evening meal
Formulated to help maintain joint connective tissue and cartilage, contains yucca, omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants Vitamin E and selenium, and chelated copper and zinc. Backed by precise guaranteed analysis to assure purity of ingredients. In highly palatable beef-flavored chewable 60 tablets


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Nutra-Sure Weight Reducer
Non-stimulant, non-appetite suppressant formula with natural ingredients that enhances the pet's metabolic functions. Active Ingredients: DHEA: (increases fat metabolism, Garcinia Cambogia: contains HCA, Hydroxycitric Acid, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), Inositol which helps in transporting fats within the body. L-Carnitine: occurs naturally in the body and is essential for fat metabolism.


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