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D-Worm Tablets for Puppies and Small Dogs Ear Care
Contains Pyrantel Pamoate, proven effective in removing large roundworms & hookworms. Works within 24 hours, use Regularly to prevents roundworm reinfestation.
Highly palatable and easy to administer, no fasting or laxatives required
For 10LB dogs or over
2 Push Tablets


This veterinary preparation, fortified with Boric and Salicylic Acid, thoroughly cleans the ear canals of dogs. Dissolves ear wax build-up on one easy application. Ear Care is exceptionally mild and gentle, and will not leave the ear canal oily, sticky or gummy. The pharmaceutical ingredients in Ear Care aid in prevention of ear problems when used on a regular basis. Recommended for use before or after bathing, swimming and hunting.


Our Price: $3.99

Our Price: $6.90

Ear Fresh Farnam Allerpet For Dogs

Help keep ears and reduce odor with this excellent ear powder. Ear Fresh contains Boric Acid and has special tight grip properties for removing hair from ear canals of dogs. Excellent for hand stripping. Comes with convenient funnel tip dispenser.

Proven to reduce allergens such as dander, unrine antigens and saliva from your pet's coat. Also moisturizes and conditions to make coats look more attractive.

Package Weight:12 oz


Our Price: $6.20

Our Price: $8.30

Farnam Mrs. Allen's Shed-Stop for Dogs and Puppies Four Paws Crystal Eye
Stops unwanted shedding and doesn't interfere with natural shedding cycle. It eliminates need for daily cleaning/vacuuming and produces beautiful coats - visible results in just a few weeks. It easy to feed and pets love the taste

Package Weight: 24 OZ

Four Paws Crystal Eye is safe tear stain remover for dogs and cats. Crystal Eye can also be used on boxers, bulldogs, Shar-peis and similar breeds to clean between the folds of their skin

Package Weight: 4 oz


Our Price: $18.99

Our Price: $4.85

Four Paws Ear Mite Remedy Four Paws Ear Wash
Four Paws Ear Mi te Remedy is pyrethrin based to kill ear mites quickly, easily and safety. It also contains aloe vera to soothe pet's irritated ears

Package Weight: 3/4 fl oz

Four Paws Ear Wash Anti-Itch Ear Cleaner is used by veterinarians and groomers to remove odor causing ear wax.
Formulated with only the highest quality ingredient for maximum effectiveness.

Package Weight: 16 oz


Our Price: $6.60

Our Price: $6.60

Four Paws Medicated Ear Powder Four Paws Pet Nurser
Four Paws Medicated Ear Powder keeps ears dry while reducing ear odor. Aids in the relief of itching and makes removal of hair from the ear canal easier.

Package Weight: 24 gm

Four Paws Pet Nurser has been scientifically designed by veterinarians and professional breeders for all pet feeding.

Package Weight: 2 oz


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Our Price: $3.40

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