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Healthcare: Skin & Coat Care:
Farnam Allerpet For Dogs Farnam Mrs. Allen's Shed-Stop for Dogs and Puppies
Proven to reduce allergens such as dander, unrine antigens and saliva from your pet's coat. Also moisturizes and conditions to make coats look more attractive.

Package Weight:12 oz

Stops unwanted shedding and doesn't interfere with natural shedding cycle. It eliminates need for daily cleaning/vacuuming and produces beautiful coats - visible results in just a few weeks. It easy to feed and pets love the taste

Package Weight: 24 OZ


Our Price: $8.30

Our Price: $18.99

Mrs. Allen's Shed-Stop Granules for Dogs
All the benefits of shed-stop in granule form, contains optimal ratio (6.1) of omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acids which is the key to improving the skin and coat therefore reducing the amount of shedding.

Package Weight: 450 Grams


Our Price: $18.99

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