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Alexandra Paul made her debut on national television in a leading role in Paper Dolls on ABC. The movie starred opposite Darly Hannah, and was one of the highest rated TV movies of that year. She has since starred in over two dozen feature films and television movies including Dragnet, Christine, Perry Mason, Night Watch, and Spy Hard. But most of all, she is probably best known for her role as Lt. Holden on Baywatch and more recently, as Terri O'Brien on Melrose Place.

Alexandra grew up in the countryside of New England in Cornwall, Connecticut and had a childhood filled with horseback riding, swimming, reading and language study. Alexandra landed her first professional modeling job at 16. Her concern for social issues developed while attending boarding school in Massachusetts, where she became president of the energy committee, campaigned for independent 1980 presidential candidate John Anderson, and led boycotts against socially irresponsible corporations. Alexandra has been arrested several times for these causes, something in which she firmly believes in.

Alexandra is also deeply concerned about the environment -- being a vegetarian since the age of 15. She has developed a program to educate high school students on global overpopulation and speaks regularly throughout the public school system. Alexandra recycles, doesn't wear leather, or anything from an animal. She has written and produced two PBS specials on over-population, consumption, and materialism. Alexandra was recently awarded The Green Cross Millennium Award for Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership for her work towards the environment.

Alexandra's activism is an important part of her life. She walked for 5-1/2 weeks on THE GREAT PEACE MARCH FOR GLOBAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT and has been arrested a dozen times for protesting at the Nevada Nuclear Weapons Test Site. She has travelled to Nicaragua with a medical aid group and to South Africa in 1994 on a voter education drive. Alexandra has done numerous charity works such as Heal the Bay, the AIDS foundation, etc. In 1998, Alexandra also participated in the 'Rock N Roll Marathon' which raised awareness about Leukemia. And both Alexandra and Ian each tutor a child in reading and homework. Alexandra works with Alex twice a week.

Alexandra is also an accomplished swimmer who maintains a serious workout regimen. Alexandra has graced the covers of numerous fitness magazines including Triathlete Magazine, Home Gym and Fitness, and Runners World. She has competed in several triathlons and marathons, including the prestigious Hawaiian Ironman, in which Alexandra took a year off to train for.

On top of that, Alexandra is also a certified emergency medical technician (EMT), speaks fluent French, and is currently learning Spanish. She is also a very avid reader, and loves to do crossword puzzles with her fiancÚ Ian. As you can judge, Alexandra puts her all into everything she does. And she does it well!

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